Models range in capacity from 1/2 HP to 22 HP for high, medium and low temperature applications. TES units are available with Copeland compressors and include many sought-after standard features, giving you the quality you expect and a long list of options you demand. Its spacious, serviceable design makes TES a favorite of installers. In addition to the many options available, nine factory-installed option packages have been pre-selected for your convenience.



Indoor Unit:

  • Compatible with Low GWP Refrigerants
  • Weatherproof electrical control box with compressor contactor and fused control circuit
  • Spring mounted accessible semi-hermetic compressor with suction and discharge vibration eliminator
  • High efficiency enhanced tube and fin condenser design
  • Energy efficient PSC condenser fan motor
  • Receiver with fusible plug and liquid shut off valve
  • Fixed high pressure switch and adjustable low pressure control
  • Receiver inlet and outlet shutoff valve (8HP and above)
  • Suction service valve
  • Pre-formed copper tubing
  • Unit leak tested and shipped with Helium holding charge
  • Electronic liquid injection on L8 units
  • QuickVac Evacuation and Refrigerant Recovery Valves
  • Painted cabinet

Outdoor Unit: All Standard Features of Indoor Unit, Plus:

  • Painted outdoor weather-resistant housing with removable hood
  • Flooded head pressure control (non adjustable) 150 PSIG for optimal efficiency
  • Adjustable head pressure control on large 2 fan models
  • Crankcase heater
  • Fan cycling control (all 2 fan models)
Available Options:
  • Suction accumulator
  • Suction accumulator with boil-out coil
  • Discharge line Check valve
  • Oil separator
  • Oil separator c/w oil return filter & solenoid valve
  • Adjustable head pressure control valves
  • Receiver inlet ball valve (standard on 2 fan models)
  • Heated and Insulated receiver
  • Over-sized receiver
  • Sealed liquid line filter drier & sight-glass
  • Ball valve – liquid line (shipped loose)
  • Insulated suction lines
  • Leg Kits
  • Discharge air hood
  • Sub cooling circuit on 5 – 22 HP models
  • Variable speed EC motors only as head pressure control
    (see our Head Pressure Control Application Guide for details)
  • Liquid line solenoid valve-(with standard 230 volt coil)-shipped loose
  • Compressor Circuit breaker
  • Current sensing relay – for use with Oil safety control (where applicable)
  • Defrost heater contactor c/w fuse block
  • Evaporator Fan contactor c/w fuse block
  • Disconnect switch
  • Disconnect Fusing
  • Pump down toggle switch
  • Lock out control circuit
  • Hoffmann Speed control for condenser fan (replaces flooded valve)
  • Time delay relay for compressor
  • Mechanical Time Clock
  • Defrost Kit
  • Electronic Voltage/Phase Monitor
  • SmartSpeed Fan Motor Technology
  • Limitrol+ Floating Head Pressure Control System


  • High, Medium and Low Temperature Refrigeration applications.
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • 1/2 to 22 HP for High, Medium, and Low Temperature Refrigeration applications.
  • 208-230/1/60
  • 208-230/3/60
  • 460/3/60
  • 575/3/60
  • 220/1/50
  • 200-220/3/50
  • 380-400/3/50

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