• Internally enhanced tube and fin design.
  • Energy efficient fan motors.
  • Available standard in the horizontal Airflow configuration. Easily convertible to vertical airflow configuration by mounting 4 optional mounting legs.
  • Optional factory mounted receiver kits available on vertical airflow models or shipped loose kits for horizontal airflow models, both with or without heater and insulation. (Base frame is required to factory mount receiver)
  • Various control options


    • Compatible with Low GWP Refrigerants
    • Horizontal or Vertical Air Discharge
    • Heavy Gauge Galvanized Steel Cabinet
    • ThermoSpanTM Coil Design eliminates tube failures on tube sheet
    • Internally Enhanced Tubing with Enhanced Fin optimizes coil performance
    • Energy Efficient PSC Motors with Internal Overload Protection
    • Unit shipped with Nitrogen Holding Charge
Available Options:

Optional features (Factory Mounted)

      • Optional leg kits for horizontal and vertical configurations
      • Variable Speed EC Motor which provides optimum efficiency and sound levels
      • Multiple Refrigeration Circuits
      • Ambient or Pressure Fan Cycling Control with Contactor
      • Variable speed motor with controller for header fan motor
      • Non-Fused Disconnect
      • EC motors
      • Individual Fan Motor Fusing
      • Receiver with or without Heater and Insulation (base frame is required to factory mount receiver)
      • Adjustable Flooded Head Pressure Control (Factory mounted if ordered with receiver option)
      • 3 fan models only available with 3 phase power
      • Optional fin materials
      • Optional coil coating


  • Refrigeration or Air Conditioning Duty
  • Vertical or Horizontal Air Discharge
  • For use with a wide variety of popular refrigerants (including Low GWP)
  • Sizes range from 2 to 24 Nominal Tons (based on R-404A, 25°F TD
  • 208-230/1/60
  • 208-230/3/60
  • 460/3/60
  • 575/3/60
  • 200-220/1/50
  • 200-220/3/50
  • 380/3/50


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