Refrigeration or Air Conditioning Duty, 1 to 8 Fan Models, Vertical or Horizontal Air Discharge


    • Compatible with Low GWP Refrigerants
    • Horizontal or Vertical Air Discharge
    • Heavy Gauge Galvanized Steel Cabinet
    • ThermoSpanTM Coil Design eliminates tube failures on tube sheet
    • Internally Enhanced Tubing with Enhanced Fin optimizes coil performance
    • Energy Efficient PSC and 3 Phase Fan Motors with Internal Overload Protection
    • Quiet ‘Swept Wing’ Fan Blade
    • Fan Sections Individually Baffled with Clean-out Panels
    • Zinc Plated Huck Bolts for rigid construction
    • Heavy Duty 24” Legs
    • Double fan wide models have Two Equal Circuits
    • Control Circuit Voltage – 230 V
    • Unit shipped with Nitrogen Holding Charge
Available Options:

Optional features (Factory Mounted)

      • Multiple Refrigeration Circuits
      • Variable Speed EC Motor which provides optimum efficiency and sound levels
      • Ambient or Pressure Fan Cycling Control with Contactor
      • Variable speed motor with controller for header fan motors
      • Individual Fan Motor Fusing
      • Non-Fused Disconnect
      • Receiver with or without Heater and Insulation (base frame is required to factory mount receiver)
      • Adjustable Flooded Head Pressure Control (factory mounted if ordered with receiver option)
      • Extended Leg Kits (36″ or 48”) with Cross Bracing for Extra Rigidity
      • Horizontal Configuration
      • Optional fin materials
      • Optional coil coating


  • Refrigeration or Air Conditioning Duty
  • 1 to 8 Fan Models
  • Vertical or Horizontal Air Discharge
  • For use with a wide variety of popular refrigerants (including Low GWP)
  • Sizes range from 9 to 95 Nominal Tons (based on 25°F TD, R404A)
  • 208-230/1/60
  • 208-230/3/60
  • 460/3/60
  • 575/3/60
  • 200-220/1/50
  • 200-220/3/50
  • 380/3/50


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